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Q. how do u code layout frames in MS PAINT?
A. if you go on my other site html kiss there should be a turitorial
asked: 10-10-08 answered: 23-10-08

Q. Is this site made in freewebs?
A. no in ftp im hosted by sugary kiss
asked: 21-08-08 answered: 23-10-08

Q. Are you going to add more graphics, dolls and tutorials?
A. well hopefully if i manage to get psp again
asked: 26-04-08 answered: 23-10-08

Q. When are you going to update your site again? Cause it's been a while. lol! -Tia
A. sorry ive just been VERY VERY busy with school and life as a whole hope you guys understand i will try and update proper again soonishx
asked: 26-04-08 answered: 02-06-08

Q. Are you a fan of my site?
A. whats your site? i dont know if im a fan if i dont know your site url? lol
asked: 29-03-08 answered: 24-04-08

Q. where you be at?
A. what?
btw sorry everyone for not updateing im still alive lol
just been very very busy
asked: 13-03-08 answered: 24-04-08

Q. why do you always make new sites?
A. i dont i have only had 5 sites in total since i started web designing and they are all open apart from 1
asked: 20-02-08 answered: 26-02-08

Q. I linked ya on your directory but the form don't work can you please leave me a tag @ www.wildaddiction.net thanks <3 Tammy
A. sure ill try and get it sorted when im aint to busy so sorry ill try and get you added soon
asked: 18-02-08 answered: 26-02-08

Q. http://www.geocities.com/glossyflare/
A. nothing there
asked: 28-01-08 answered: 24-04-08

Q. www.fakeasmile.org/boo please joinnnnn
A. ok sure ill join later
asked: 16-01-08 answered: 25-01-08

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